Shop the Market for Ireland's Lowest Cost Mortgage Protection Cover!

Shop the Market for Ireland’s Lowest Cost Mortgage Protection Cover!

Lowest Premium in Ireland!
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Shop The Market for Ireland’s Lowest Cost Mortgage Protection Cover

Guaranteed Premiums Mean The Cost Of Your Cover Stays The Same For The Full Term Of The Policy

Dual Life Mortgage Protection Cover Available At No Extra Cost

No Broker Fees – The Only Cost Is The Monthly Premium Payable For Your Policy

Get Quality Advice from Qualified Financial Advisers

Better Cover Than Is Available From Your Bank

Cheaper Cover Than Is Available From Your Bank

Even If You Already Have Cover, You Can Save By Switching To A Lower Cost Provider

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Cover from as little as €10 per month

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Why Choose Us?

Founder Eoghan Gavigan has over 25 years’ experience in banking and finance across Treasury, Lending and Wealth Management. 


Get quality advice from Qualified Financial Advisers


We are real Financial Advisers. When you contact us you will speak to real people.


Unlike your Mortgage Bank or Tied Agent, we can shop the market to get you the lowest cost policy, often cheaper by up to 20% or more.

Get The Lowest Cost Mortgage Protection in Ireland

What is a mortgage protection policy?

A Mortgage Protection Policy is designed to discharge a mortgage in the event of the death of one of the parties to the mortgage so that the survivor doesn’t lose their home. You choose the initial cover amount and this reduces each year during the term in line with the estimated balance outstanding on a principal and interest mortgage. Because the cover reduces over time it is the cheapest form of life cover.

Life Insurance cover (sometimes referred to as Term Life Cover) stays at the same amount for the term of the policy. The cover amount doesn’t reduce over time. It is commonly used to protect your family from the financial consequences of the death of an earner. If you would like to get a quote for Term Life Cover please check out our sister website

How long does it take to get a quote?

Many ‘Instant Quote’ websites will provide you with an immediate estimate but this is often not the cheapest quote which is available in the market. We deal with all the providers who offer Mortgage Protection in the Irish market. A number of Mortgage Protection providers offer discounts, some match their competitors and some offer discounts off the quoted price or their competitors price – this makes it very difficult to automate the quote process. In order to ensure that we provide you with the lowest quote available in the market, all our quotes are done manually by Qualified Financial Advisers. Just input your details and we will arrange a quote for your Mortgage Protection needs.

You need to choose carefully when arranging Mortgage Protection cover!

Some websites selling Mortgage Protection are run by marketing companies and provide incorrect information about Mortgage Protection. As you will see from the information provided at the bottom of this page, we are a real Financial Brokerage, not a marketing company. We combine the best of both approaches. We will give you the lowest quote available by applying the maximum discount available from each provider and we have the knowledge to advise you correctly. If you arrange your Mortgage Protection through us you will have access to a Certified Financial Planner™. This is the world's most respected industry designation, held by only a select number of advisers. This ensures that you get a policy which is suitable to your needs and that in the unfortunate event that you need to claim, that the claim can’t be refused because corners were cut when you took it out.

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